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About Us

From a small idea, came a BIG idea…then got BIGGER!

The need for excavation in small spaces was an untapped opportunity…  And so the pun of a big dig for a small space was born.  That was years ago and as Big Dig Pty Ltd, pushing its Big Dig Small Spaces catch-cry, gained momentum, so did our expertise and our delighted customers.

Tight access excavations were the core business, however, our expertise in concreting was widely sought, going hand in hand on the building site. Concreting of suspended slabs, carparks, footpaths and driveways easily complemented the excavation work.

To better integrate the early phase in the building process, the demolition aspect of building was established and added to the range of Big Dig services. Initially focused on home building demolition and pre-building preparation, Big Dig has also developed a strong-hold in commercial strip-outs and structural demolition and has an enviable ‘co-ordinated destruction’ reputation in both structural and non-structural demolition. 
Our ‘best in industry’ reputation is a well known fact amongst architects, builders, home owner-builders/renovators, councils, engineers and building consultants and is evident by our long term repeat customers. Most of our work comes from recommendations and is attributed to our excellent skilled staff who believe they have the best job in the world!!

Big Dig Pty Ltd was established in 2004 by Elio Del-Ben.  With over 20 years of building industry experience, having licensing credentials in excavation, concreting and the business of building, Elio is highly regarded and sought in the building industry.   

For further information regarding our services, please call Big Dig on (02) 9300 8111.